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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  December 14, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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delayed. for some people it was too much to take. at reagan national airport was what was it like. >> it sucked. >> angry passengers were in no mood for chitchat. >> i can't even tell you. it was awful. >> reporter: look at this picture in downtown dc, very foggy in places. >> reporter: the reason a thick fog that made it impossible for planes to land at reagan national to bwi and pennsylvania. >> i got to go to harrisburg, pennsylvania for the first time. >> not the way i wanted to. >> i thought i was flying nonstop flight in chicago to reagan. >> he wasn 't the only one. passengers didn't arrive at their gate until 2:38 in the afternoon. nearly five hours late. >> i guess it points to the
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need to have a policy whether people will be getting off and use the restrooms or be fed or not. we waited four hours. >> steven weiss was on board flight 1054 and says passengers were stuck on the aircraft and unable to get off the plane and in to the terminal once it landed at bwi. >> we were waiting and he said the fuel was getting low and eventually he said we are not out of fuel. >> some had to put up with no food or fresh bathroom for a trip that went on for hours. >> we can't get off and if we get off we can't come back on. >> it is not a long distance plane. >> reporter: also family members were waiting for arrival at reagan national. some said information boards kept them in the dark all day. >> it kept saying it was coming in 20 or 30 minutes and it was on the ground in baltimore. >> flights were able to take off. officials say the airport was at a stop until noon and they
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are still slowly crawling out of the backlog from this morning. now keep in mind here it is not only american airlines that experienced delays. a spokesman for that airline told us they were following faa rules as far as avoiding this airport because of all the fog. airport officials here say they have been trying to do their best to keep those boards up-to- date but they are working on information provided to them from the airlines. we are still keeping an eye on this. we will let you know as things continue to improve throughout the evening. >> how horribly frustrating for those people. you ve to feel for them. i have to ask you, there's been a big push for passenger bill of rights. where does that than congress right now? >> it is question we got a lot and as often things happen in washington there was a lot of talk about a passenger's bill of rights but no action since we heard a lot of the calls for one. the word we got from folks that
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we spoke to today, both in the federal government on the hill is the situation is this. the house of representatives has passed a bill which will include a passenger's rights, be but that version of the house bill has no time limits how long folks will be required to stay on one of these planes. the senate has 23409 taken action at all on this. as far as the passengers bill of rights go, everybody knows about it. the problem is, it is not yet a reality. folks will continue to experience things like they experienced today. >> congress has their sights set on health care right now but something has to be done on this issue because it has happened too many times. thank you for bringing us up to date on that. as you said the whole mess started with very, very foggy morning and gary is in the weather center with a look at why the fog was such a problem at reagan national. >> i think we have figured this out, too. i have a graphic for you. before you put it up. at 7:00 this morning at national it was seven miles
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visibility. so, at 8:00 this morning at national it was a quarter mile visibility. so what happens between 7:00 and 8:00 the sun comes up, right? it begins though to warm the sface of the air and creates an inversion. lock the moisture in real tight. potomac and the lack 0 winds helped, too. at 9:00 a.m. the visibility went down to 1/8 of a mile. at tenth it stayed 1/8 of a mile but look at 10:00, below 1/8 of a mile. at noon the winds started to blow a little more. the atmosphere fixed and the fog burned off. what's happened at reagan national. we could have fog again tonight. hopefully not like that. we will have a look at the forecast coming up. heavy fog meantime on suitland parkway this morning, but investigors still aren't
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sure if that is what contributed to this deadly crash. 32-year-old sean bowman died when his car collided with another vehicle and flipped over near meadow view drive. a woman and a baby were treated in the hospital. they are expected to recover. u.s. park police and a crash and reconstruction team are investigating the cause of the accident. roadrk will shut down all four lanes of 495 south at lee highway later this week. starting on thursday the lanes will close for 30 minutes a time from midnight to 5:00 a.m. same deal through saturday morning and then it will happen next monday night through thursday morning. crews are installing steel beams for a hot lanes project. a police officer is accuse of hitting a teenager with his cruiser and taking off. today the teenage is out of the hospital and telling his side of the story. he talked to roby chavez who is in northeast tonight. >> reporter: a lot of questions
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raised about the incident. police are being tit lipped but the victim says he was hit by a police cruiser and the officer left the scene. >> i'm in pain. i'm in pain. i was confused. everything really happened so fast. >> those wordfrom dominick turner as he returned home from the hospital today. he's speaking for the first time just days after he said he was hit by this police cruiser. there are clear scratches on the car, definites on the hood and a broken mirror. he remembers the hit. >> it was hot. it caused me to vomit. the impact, and i'm just glad that i'm still here. >> reporter: did you go up in the air. >> no, i was pinned up against a light post. >> reporter: turner suffered broken ribs, internal bleeding and damage to his lung. they say the police cruiser hit him and left the scene. >> what a witness said that saw
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him is the police after they hit him, they lifted him up, asked him a question and dropped him and sped away. >> turner admits they ran but only after complying with police. >> he had -- police said whatever is in your cup, drop it. so he dropped it. he continued to come home and they followed him and they got scared and ran and in the process the police hit him. they can't call -- didn't call for help. just hit him and left. >> reporter: police chief lanier said the officer idn't leave the scene and hit a telephone pole. since there is an allegation i'm having internal affairs investigate it so there is an independent review. turner's mom can't understand what police were thinking. >> they heard acceleration and heard a boom. so he had to be trying to hit
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him. he had to be -- he was intentionally trying to hit him. >> reporter: we did ask to talk with dc police today but it is an ongoing investigation so they cannot comment. the officer is from the fifth district and we don't know if he is on the job. again, police are not speaking. fox 5 news. >> thank you. tonight we know the mate of the inmate found dead in his cell. thomas lee miller of rockville died on saturday morning. detectives do not suspect foul play. investigators are waiting for autopsy results. the federal government is cracking down on counterfeits. thinking of buying a knock off bag, watch or dvd as a holiday gift, think twice. it may seem like a good idea but as fox 5's matt ackland shows us, buying counterfeit ould have costly consequences. >> take a look at this counterfeit spread.
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all of it laid out after being seized by federal agents. just about everything you can think of from jeans, colognes and fake blackberries. >> this is big business from a criminal perspective. this is organized crime on a grand scale. >> reporter: federal agents in the u.s. and mexico seized more than 700,000 counterfeit items in 26 states and mexico. all of it is a part of operation holiday hoax. officials say this time of the year is when the united states is flooded with knockoff items. >> law enforcement activities targeted businesses, stores, swap meets, flee markets. anyone involved in the distribution of counterfeit products. >> reporter: the music and movie industries have lost millions of dollars because of counterfeiters. dan glikeman, the head of the motion picture association of america says the impact of this fraud is costing his industry jobs. >> the purchase of one counterfeit dvd may not seem to
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be much but multiplied by thousands and tens of thousands and more worldwide it is monumental. >> it is hard to determine the real from the fake stuff but not all the time. for example, this is my real iphone here. check out this fake one. it is half of the size but rest assured it doesn't do the same. >> just a few miles from where the press conference was held today we had no problem finding fake homicide on sale, prada, d and g and burberry bags, all dirt cheap. the vendor didn't shy away from us admitting it was all fake and says his customers know it is fake. >> they know because. >> federal officials say despite taking $26 million in merchandise off the street during holiday hoax they still have so much work to do, but they say they need help from
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consumers. >> realize that you are putting an american worker out of a job. you are giving it to a criminal, who, in turn, is giving a further share of that profit to another criminal. >> reporter: federal officials say although the week long holiday hoax is over their enforcement will continue across the country agents are working with local police to shut down illegal vendors but many times when they shut them down the vendors pop up again often in the same place. a mother vanished without a trace. she's been gone a week. are my police any closer to finding her and the rush is on toes he cue two mountain climbers. hoping the search doesn't end in another substantial tragedy. this one may foul up your holiday travel plans. staff at one major airline is
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threatening to strike. what you need to know before you fly. and keep it here. fox 5 news at 5:00 is just getting started. 
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time is critical to finding two mountain climbers in oregon alive. bad weather and risk of an avalanche caused ground crews to call the search off for
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today. the group went to explore mount hood on friday. dan springer has the latt on the search. >> reporter: the clock is ticking, a wicked winter storm is keeping rescuers from launching a ground search on mount hood for the two. they say they believe there is a good chance they could be alive and are hoping to get a break from the weather to launch another search from the air. >> we're not put putting a time limit or cap or anything on this. we are going to do what we can while we have the resource and the weather and ability to do so. >> reporter: family and friends are relying on their faith to keepope alive asking for prayers from the public. >> we only have today. we know we only have today. pray for our climbers. >> we want to ask for prayer. today will be a big day for a big push for searching. >> reporter: three climbers began their assent on friday morning and due in late
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afternoon. the body of one was found on saturday on a glacier. rescuer says a camera found near the body found the hikers were not far from the summit. >> we are hopeful they have survival gear with them. we hope they have dug in and maintained a snow cave and they are riding out this storm. >> reporter: an overnight storm dumped seven inches of snow on the mountain so rescue climbers could not get up there. it was too much of an avalanche danger and the forecast doesn't get much better with 12 to 18 inches on the way. fox 5 news. the search for a missing mom continues in utah. her husband hired a well-known defense attorney and expects to be questioned in the case. susan powell vanished a week ago. her husband said he last saw her before he went on a camping trip with their young kids. they have not been able to verify the trip because snow covers the camping site.
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>> i believe there' no way that my daughter would leave her children or leave her home and that unr the circumstances they found which leaving her purse and cell phone and keys behind and just no trace of her. >> reporter: authorities were notified that susan was missing when neither she or her husband showed up at work and their kids were not dropped off at day care. more work at the white house to fix the financial mess. one day after calling bankers overpaid fat cats, president obama met with the heads of top u.s. banks. the president's demanding that banks shoulder a greater burden in helping to promote economic recovery and today bankers had a few things to say after the white house meeting. craig boswell has details from captiol hill. >> it is a big meeting with big bankers at the white house. president obama called on financial firms to loosen the purse strings and offer more
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loans, particularly to small businesses. >> we expect them to explore every responsible way to help get our economy moving again. >> reporter: the president said financial institutions now owe the american people after the banks accepted taxpayer money to bail them out. and he also says banks cannot stand in the way of financial regulatory reform. >> i made it clear i have no intention of letting their lobbyist work reforms necessary to protect the american people. if they wish to fight common sense consumer protections, that's a fight i'm more than willing to have. >> reporter: after the meeting they say cautious steps would be taken to increase lending. >> lending is what we do. we have to make more loans and qualify more people and not put ourselves at risk three or four years from now because of actions that we took. >> reporter: banks say they will look at executive compensation and -- >> most importantly we do support regulatory reform. we haven't done a good job of sharing that. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: on friday the
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house passed sweeping reform that gives more power to regulators to dismantle large financial firm apps it reates a federal agency dedicated to consumer protection but faces a tough fight in the senate next year. nine of the 12 banks invited today have paid back bank bailout money. millions of white house e- mails from the bush administration have been found now. two nonprofit group says computer technicians discovered the 22 million e-mails mislabeled or lost previously. i can almost say what a difference 24 hours makes because sunday it was horrible and today was beautiful and kind of warm. >> yeah. all things considered, yeah, definitely. a beautiful winter day, even though it is not quite winter yet. >> unless you were one of those affected by the fog this
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morning. we could have more fog overnight tonight. there is no fog advisory that's been issued as of yet, but they are talking about it in the weather service. watch closely. some visibles could dictate what happens this everyoning a and overnight. we started off with tom fog, too. that looks like it will be the trend overnight tonight. we will call it partly cloudy to mostly cloudy out there and tomorrow a lot like today. we will have a mix of clouds and some sunshine out there, as well. and then as we get in to late tomorrow and wednesday some very cold air comes in. so enjoy today which was actually up around 50 degrees. we are sitting at 48 right now. front royal is 50. winchester 49 and frederick in the upper 40s, too. this evening the temperature is fairly steady in the upper 40s. by later on this evening a few
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foggy spots. winds five to ten and again cold air comes in for tomorrow. wednesday will be much different. the rest of the week, too. we will outline that in the full forecast coming up. we will talk about the sun and why it is critical for the next story. a big dedication ceremony was held in potomac, 540 solar panels on roof will provide elecicity for the blare center for the arts. the solar system is owned and operateed by washington gas energy services. after nearly two years a major phase of a dc road construction project is complete and you can see the difference driving along benning road northeast. last year mayor fenty announced plans to speed up the project with crews working double shifts to complete the work and today he announced the ten blocks from 16th street to oklahoma avenue are finished. in fact, you will see trolley
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tracks in the protect. no word, however, when the trolleys will-ait will the streets. struggling to find work? help is on the way. one county is ready to roll out a one-stop, job shop. we will have the details on that next. and a deadly game is the rage. a new trend every parent should be aware of coming up. santa is making a round of early deliveries. spreading holiday cheer to wounded warriors. but first a greeting from our men and women overseas ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> hello, i'm stationed in africa and want to give holiday greetings out to my family and friends in the washington, d.c. area. and want to give a special shoutout to my godson calvin ray, darnell. hope you all score a touchdown for me. you are doing a good thing ♪ [ music ] ♪ 
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they broke out a big ribbon cutting in montgomery county today. this is the one-stop career center. the grand opening for the germantown location. the center offers everything from counseling to resume writing and helping the county's unemployed residents get back to work. the most important resource there, a job bank. montgomery works also has a location in wheaton, maryland. santa is making an early appearance to take part in a worthy cause. show you pictures of him at a kick off in prince georges county. it is a collaboration among public safety departments. you can see them packing up the boxes with food and they loaded them to a truck for delivery. organizers are hoping to help 2600 families who are in need for support. from toys to od and generosity continues. paramedics teamed up for a toy drive in alexandria. bikes, toys and games, all the gifts, bagged up and distributed with the help of
5:27 pm
the volunteers. the district is one step closer to giving marijuana the green light, but making it legal isn't a done deal yet. what could make the plan go up in smoke next. and tiger's wife making a discreet announcement. what is missing from elin's wardrobe. keep it right here. m
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ight now some of the stories we are following at 5:00. morning fog is causing a travel nightmare at airports today. no flights could land at reagan national until noon leading to a ripple affect. planes wound up diverted to other airports. some passengers stuck on those planes sitting on the tarmac for hours. a dc police officer accused of hitting a teenager with his patrol car and then taking off. this happened on saturday night in northeast.
5:31 pm
18-year-old dominick turner says the officers were chasing him and some of his friends when he was hit. the says the officers left without calling for help. internal affairs is investigating. a counterfeit crackdown by the feds. officials seized 700,000 bogus items in the last week. in 26 states and in mexico. officials say the u.s. is flooded with knockoffs during the holiday season and they are asking consumers to turn in the bad guys. on sunday, the senate followed a house vote last week virtually restoring home rule to the district. meaning they removed a final restriction to a voter approved initiative to legalize marijuana for medical use in the nation's capital. bob barnard is here with the details. >> reporter: the obama administration has already decided not to prosecute patients who smoke marijuana for medical reasons and now congress has take then district of columbia one giant step closer to making it legal. you can't light up just yet but soon smoking a joint to help to ease your pain may be your
5:32 pm
legal wte in the -- right in the nation's capital. >> these.people aren't trying to get high but better. >> for many people conventional painkillers do not work. >> reporter: he works for the marijuana policy project which has been working to legalize marijuana in the district and across the country. >> we are talking about sick and in many cases dying patients that could benefit from this, hiv cancer, aids, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, glaucoma. >> they spoke cloudy and clearly 1 years ago, initiative 59 passing with 69% of the voters approving of the use of medical marijuana. but congress put a so-called rider on the initiative blocking the dc council in to turning it in to law. >> no one has look a in the legislation in a decade. the first step to to figure out
5:33 pm
what if anything the council or executive needs to do to implement the law. >> reporter: phil mendle son as city lawmakers will need time to work out the details. >> details with regard to two who can distribute marijuana for medical purposes, more details about who will qualify for use of medical marijuana. i'm speaking without having had the chance yet to sit down and look at what the organic law is, that which was passed by this voters. >> reporter: right now 13 states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. michigan was the latest, last year. the green light for the district to join thulites is with congressional passage a of a dc funding bill. >> no one can remember that there is a dc appropriation it is a loam rule win on the way to many others. >> reporter: president obama is expected to sign it this week
5:34 pm
but one dc lawmaker says it may take up to a year to iron out the details of the new policy. a survey of 40,000 teenagers reveals marijuana use is on the rise. researchers say the debate over medical marijuana may ake the drug's use seem safer perhaps one more reason teens are smoking pot. more headier bathe on the health care battle. democrats will meet tonight trying to resolve several issues on the bill. the meeting comes at the same time a new report is out which claims the senate bill would cause national health care costs to rise $234 billion this decade. a report comes from the chief actuary at the centers for medicare and medicaid services. >> the whole reason we are doing this bill is to bring
5:35 pm
down cost. for the american people and health care and secondly the deficit. until we get the numbers back from the congressional budget office, we are all on hold. >> reporter: president obama is scheduled to meet with democrats at the white house tomorrow. millions of children with ental illnesses are not getting the help they need. when it comes to anxiety or depression, 32% are getting help. 3,000 kids took part in the study. speaking of teenager a warning about a popular and dangerous child's play. it is called the choking game. the game can cause seizures, headaches, bone breaks and injury. dozens of children have died. visible warning signs include bruised marks around the neck or burst blood vessels in the face or eyes.
5:36 pm
we have more on the joys santa is bringing to soldiers and their families. >> you would think that santa would be at the north pole getting ready for christmas, but he's heading south with good reason. he is traveling to military hospitals around the country as part of santa's traveling workshop. bringing presents to wounded warriors and their families. this was at the national naval medical center just outside of dc. >> a lot of wounded veterans have young kids and they worry that if they are here with mom or dad that santa doesn't know where you are. but this is to though show them santa knows where you are. >> reporter: cox hopes people at home remember the military members still the war zone this christmas. >> gotten a lot of candy and all kinds of stuff. so much i can't eat it all myself. i'm going to try to mail some back to my guys because they
5:37 pm
would appreciate it more. >> reporter: one last question for santa, can you get this all done and be back to the north pole by 24th. >> santa can do anything. with santa all things are possible. with judicious use of time zones and a little magic, santa can be everywhere. >> hit the road. we know you have 5,000 miles to deliver presents and this joy to everyone at these medical hospitals and especially those wounded warriors. at bethesda naval medical, fox 5 news. >> presents and donations came in from all over the country to help santa with operation christmas miracle. if your holiday plans involve travel overseas, listen up. one major airline could put a kink in your plans. who's threatening to strike? the details coming up. a hotel is evacuated. what's going on? we will have the latest on this
5:38 pm
health alert next.
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a guest at a luxury hotel is now dead due to legionnaires disease. two other guests have gotten sick with legionnaires. the disease is spread through a bacteria in water that infects people when they breathe it in through a mist or vapor. the miami herald is reporting that the hotel had a powerful water filtration that removed chlorine to the water and that can lead to the growth of bacteria. a strike on british airways could cripple holiday plans for travelers. a union announced that cabin crews will walk off the job on december 22nd and stay on strike for 12 days. on its website british airways says it is reworking schedules to prepare for the strike and hopes to e-mail or call customers whose flights are
5:42 pm
affected. google is taking another step forward in its competition with the iphone. the search engine giant is testing a device that combines hardware with the android operating system. it is part of an effort to make the search engine accessible. >> all right. move over guys. the women are ready to make their mark. the thrill of the climb is helping some change the game. the new extreme exercise that is all the rage. plus, caught on camera. one town's push to help a deer in distress. take a closer look. those are christmas tree lights tangled in antlers. we have the story coming up. 'syo dd
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chris brown is taking on wal-mart. he couldn't find his album in a connecticut wal-mart. he says wal-mart is black balling him and lying to customers about it. he admitted to all the assaulting his girlfriend reanna. elin was spotted out in public this weekend and her wedding ring was missing. according to tmz, elin used to always wear her ring in public. on friday tiger woods acknowledged his infidelity and announced he is takenning and definite break from golf to focus on his family. we want to invite you to vote for the game of the week and here are the choices from the big basketball matchups set for this friday. good counsel at bishop o'connell. seneca valley. wise at eleanor roosevelt and
5:47 pm
tv williams at annandale. we will be at the winning gym and have highlights on fox 5 news at 10:00 and of course on our website, as well. an extreme sport that used to be dominated by men is getting more women high in the air. they are scaling mountains, hanging hundreds of feet from the ground all for the thrill of the climb. laura ringals looks at what s pushing women to take up this sport. >> this is a hybrid. >> reporter: rosy and and -- ann are gearing up. preparing to rock climb in yosemite national park. >> it is a fantastic physical exercise. >> reporter: it requires all of your concentration. on many levels, coordination, strength, agility, technique. >> it is a familiar site on sheer rock cliffs ad climbing walls in the country. women climbing often without a man in sight. ten years ago it wasn't the rm.
5:48 pm
>> people look at you because you were one of the three girls a the climbing area, if there were three. now i see more women than n. a lot of young girls and that's really nice to see. >> it is a different form of expression for young girls and it is sort of, they see guys doing it and they think why can't we do the same thing? we can be as good as them. >> women are better climbers than men because they use their brain instead of brawn and they come back and see the immediate response i'm better than he is. >> the gravity vault gym started a ladies climbing night in 2006 and sales for nightly passes have doubled since then. female climbers say they are attracted to the mental payoff. >> it is a challenge and realizing you are stronger than you think you are and you realize when things are hard or difficult that you can't just give up. >> reporter: a relevant life lesson and a chance to feel powerful in the mind and body. >> very cool. >> in new york, laura ingel,
5:49 pm
fox 5 news. >> see that, gary. >> i think that is fabulous. >> did you see that? >> yes. >> we can tell you in the break, he started to sweat because he said i don't think i can do that. >> piece of cake. >> there used to be a rock wall at gaithersburg and my kids would do itnd they shut it down now. i told them the next time i would do it but it is closed so -- >> convenient excuse. i could never scale those walls. >> did you see that looking down. how do you climb up that? spiderman. >> and men, too. >> spider women. >> thank you, gary. there is spider girl. we will talk about that later. let's talk about the forecast. it was nice today. >> it was not bad out there today. we started with a little fog and could have a little fog overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. hopefully what happened this morning will not be repeated tomorrow morning. kind of an unusual event out at national that we talked about a little bit. so you know the air mass isn't
5:50 pm
really changing in the next 12 hours, 12 to 15 hours. so we could get a repeat of the foggy conditions early tomorrow morning out there. not a bad evening, though. temperatures will stay in the 40s and a little fog forming. nerve the 40s as you look at quantico to gaithersburg and along i-18. there's some colder air way back out to the west. itwill influence our weather, too. enjoy tomorrow. we will be lower to mid-50s and then the temperature will crash. we will get there in a second. again, we are 47. being from new york, one of the coolest temperatures on that map at 35. at 11:00 tonight a few foggy spots. wear the jacket or sweater if you are out there this evening. it is cool but not cold. 44 degrees tomorrow morning. foggin spots. so be careful out there if you are moving through the fog. some sunshine at noon. tomorrow looks a lot like it was today, kind of hit or miss with the sunshine. mostly cloudy out there.
5:51 pm
that's where we have been. but we stayed dry. a little rain has been to the north of us. and as we look at the bigger picture, i don't see any major storms that will be affecting us at all this week. as a matter of fact, high pressure will settle in by wednesday, thursday, friday and keep us very nice. all beit on the cold side. rain down through the deep south here but that will stay to the south of us, and this snow system you see, that's going to the north of us and the colder air. max hd future cast tonight and tomorrow morning. it will be mostly cloudy. again, we start off tomorrow morning with at least a possibility of a little fog out there. as we go through the day, as typically happens with fog, it burns off but you see the clouds here and one thing to notice to the west we are seeing a little snow out there in extreme western sections of maryland and eastern west virginia. that's indicating that cold air is starting to move through wane that snow comes across the great lakes and down and then what we see there is up slope
5:52 pm
snow where the snow hits the mountain terrain and goes up and the moisture comes out and they will get one to three inches out there, again for the western-facing mountains way out in western maryland and western virginia. as we head in to wednesday, the cold air will be coming in and be blustery. in the lower 40s for highs but since we will keep it windy it will feel like the upper 20s and the lower 30s all day long. high pressure fills in. we stay nice going in to thursday and friday. but this is what is lurking to the west of us. fargo is one. international falls minus three. these are current temperatures. chicago is 36 and cincinnati is 57. so right in there is the cold front and that will be moving through tomorrow evening and that's where it will crash the temperatures. enjoy tomorrow, 40s in the morning. 52 at noon and 53 or so by 4:00. we are talking an middle 50s for highs tomorrow. and then again it is much
5:53 pm
colder for the rest of the week. limited sunshine tomorrow. we will start off with a little fog. no fog advisory yet but they may have to issue one of those overnight tonight or early tomorrow morning. and again, today, tomorrow in the 50s. the rest of the week in the 40s. probably the coldest day of the week will be wednesday simply because the winds will be blowing 15 to 20 miles an hour. so that 42 will only feel like 28 to 32. >> disappointing because it is the sunniest day of the week. >> the sunniest day will be probably thursday if you want to really know that. >> hope it doesn't cause a debacle at the airport. >> that was an unusual situation. the more we studied what happened this morning it doesn't happen very often. hopefully not a repeat. >> thank you. just 11 days left in the countdown to christmas and today is the busiest day of the year for the u.s. postal service. they expect to process 839 million pieces of mail today.
5:54 pm
that's about 250 million more envelopes and packages than workers deal with on an average day. >> people have taking the time to write their cards. they have used the weekends to get those packages ready and this is the day they bring them to the post office. >> reporter: and the post office recommends sending them by the 21st, if you are using first class mail. after that they advise using priority or express mail. and e asked for your help and you delivered big time. this year's stuff a truck food drive was a huge success. you helped us to raise 65,000- pounds for the capital area food bank and that's up from 52,000-pounds last year. whether you visited our drop off sites or donated on-line or over the phone, a big thank you to everyone who donated. >> yes, thank you. we count on you to help out local families in need this holiday season. right now head over to brian bolter for theines news edge at 6:00. >> we have an exclusive. right off the bat, a convicter
5:55 pm
murderer who maintained hi innocence for three decades and now it appears he was telling the truth. the man convicted of killing a georgetown student in rock creek park and the evidence that could set him free. an an update on the travel troubles at national. get the news edge at 6:00. (dial-up modem) remember when connections to the internet sounded like this - when high speed internet was out of reach of most american families and small businesses? as recently as the year 2000, only three percent of american families had high speed internet. then competition drove innovation - spurred private investment, and the internet took off - at record breaking speeds. at at&t we're taking the lead - investing some thirty-eight billion dollars in our wired and wireless networks over the past two years. last year alone we invested more
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than any other public company in america. and at at&t we support a national plan that makes high speed internet available to every american family in the next five years - because we know that now is not the time to stall momentum or to stifle innovation or investment. the future is at stake, and at at&t, the future has always been and at at&t, the future has always been our business. at&t... your world... delivered.
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the christmas season is gaining speed in paris where 10,000 santas hit the ground running. this is an annual race to raise money for charity. to be part hoff the popular father christmas run you are supposed to wear the santa's traditional red and white as most people are but one decided a replica of the eiffel tower would get him in the spirit. did we see him? the racers raised money for a
5:59 pm
heart surgery charity. oh, darn. i was hoping to see that costume. a deer in colorado is caught up in the spirit of the season literally. the deer's antlers are covered in christmas lights. neighbors in colorado springs tried to get the lights off but they couldn't catch the deer to do so. wildlife officials say it shouldn't cause any trouble. the antlers will fall off this winter so the problem will fix itself. >> it so frustrating like the plast that goes around soda cans they tell you to cut them up so animals can't get stuck in them. >> maybe he wanted the lights on. >> maybe he is one of santa's deers. >> who knows? the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. you are looking at t scene of a vicious murder nearly 30 years ago. a georgetown student raped and shot in rock creek park. and tonig


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